Flamanville, France's first EPR

The third-generation power plant should be operational in 2016

The Flamanville nuclear power plant is the second EPR type plant to be built in Europe, after Olkiluoto in Finland.


Project overview

Developed under a joint EDF-AREVA programme, this new type of nuclear power plant has increased generating capacity in comparison with plants of the former generation (1,650 MW against 1,300 MW). The main nuclear island buildings are laid out in a cross formation around the reactor building confinement, on a common basemat. These buildings are protected by their independent structure designed to withstand an aeroplane crash.

Our missions

Egis is entrusted with the detailed design (calculations for the buildings forming the cross, calculations for details, formwork drawings, guideline drawings for reinforcement bars for the common basemat, airplane crash shell, fuel building, diesel generator building and access tower), preliminary design work for the nuclear island cross buildings (pre-dimensioning of structures, calculation of spectra for floors in response to earthquakes or airplane crash, sizing design of common basemat). These studies were carried out on the basis of three-dimensional modelling with the ASTER programme coupled with CASTEM.