Improving access to drinking water and sanitation for the city of Kisumu in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya has received a loan from the French Development Agency to fund a plan to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation in the city of Kisumu.

Date : September 2012
Duration: 24 months
Client: Lake Victoria South Water Services Board

Project overview

Its objective is to ensure a better supply of water in this area (7.3 million people) and to improve wastewater management. At the end of the project, residents will receive almost 66,000 m3 of additional water per day. A large proportion of the population in the poorest neighbourhoods will also benefit from this project, particularly in terms of access to drinking water through an improved supply at a reduced cost.

Our missions

Egis' role is to support LVSWSB (Lake Victoria South Water Services Board) who work under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and have responsiblity for
the entire project.

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