Improving regional transport in South Asia

Egis is conducting regional transport development studies in South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan India and Nepal).

Date : 2011-2013
Client: Asian Development Bank

Project overview

This study is intended to update and transform the regional multi-modal transport study made in 2007 by the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) into a master plan for integrated transport. The study is to indicate, notably:

  • links of which the creation is indispensable;
  • the most appropriate modalities for each of these links;
  • the criteria enabling determination of priorities concerning system elements;
  • possible phasing of development;
  • options and possibilities for financing;
  • probable socio-economic and environmental impacts.

Our missions

Egis is conducting both the regional transport study and the pre-feasibility studies for regional transport projects identified as having high priority.

Selected with the participating governments, these studies should lead to projects that will be financed, notably, by the Asian Development Bank.



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