Islamic Art at the Louvre

The last major construction project at the Louvre came to an end in autumn 2012 with the public opening of the Arts de l’Islam Museum housed in the Cour Visconti.

Date : 2005
Duration: 7 year
Contractor: The Louvre public museum
Architect: Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti

Project overview

In order to exhibit one of the world's richest collections in this field, a special area was created in the Cour Visconti, whose façades and roofs were also restored. The 3000 sqm of new museum space accommodates some 13,000 pieces from over 1000 years of history, and from a geographical area encompassing three continents, from Spain to India. The design was entrusted to architects Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti, who created the spectacular glass roof of the museum, an undulating veil composed of 2350 triangles placed on a network of steel pipes.

Our missions

As a partner in the project since its inception in 2005, Egis took charge of scheduling, supervision, coordination and planning tasks for the creation of the Islamic Arts rooms in the Cour Visconti, as well as the development of museum spaces for the 3 Antiquities and Nubia-Sudan departments, and the restoration of façades and roofs of the Cour Visconti.

Egis was also responsible for planning and monitoring the installation of works and all associated equipment (signage, multimedia, etc.).