Kola Potash mining project in Congo

Date : 2017-2019
Duration: 17 months
Client: Kore Potash Limited - K2P (previously named Elemental Minerals ELM)
Funding: Kore Potash Limited - K2P

Project overview

Egis is undertaking a feasibility study of the Kola Potash (previously named Sintoukola) mining project in the Congo on behalf of Kore Potash Limited.

The feasibility study covers the design of facilities and infrastructure for  a potash mine  with an objective of  producing and exporting  two million  tonnes  net of ore (marketable as fertilizer) from sylvinite extracted at a depth of more than 250 meters.

Our missions

Egis is responsible for design of port infrastructure, platforms and roads, buildings and “water” infrastructure: seawater intake and freshwater intake, and storage tanks, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, etc.