Laser Mégajoule

Following signature of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the French government tasked the CEA (France's commissariat for atomic and alternative energy) with the implementation of a simulation programme to ensure continued security and feasibility for the country's' weapons of dissuasion.

Le Barp
Date : 2002-2018
Duration: 15 years
Contractor: CEA DAM

Project overview

The LMJ is a research laboratory designed to experiment with nuclear fusion using high-power lasers: 176 highly amplified laser beams converge at the same instant on a central target of just a few millimetres, causing a massive temperature increase and a fusion reaction.

The building consists of four halls housing laser systems (beam amplification) and one central, experiments hall which, equipped with mecano-optical systems, enables focusing of the beams onto the target. This building reaches a height of 51 m of which 15 m are underground.

Our missions

Egis has been working on the LMJ for more than 10 years, initially on construction of the buildings, today on setting up of processes: providing assistance with management of works; management of the buildings coordination unit; scheduling, direction and coordination; site logistics; monitoring of civil engineering and support system work studies; topo-metric monitoring of equipment; planning and coordination of process installation, integration and testing activities.

SGTi, Egis' solution for collaborative management of construction projects has enabled management, monitoring and control of exchanges of information and data for the operation.