Light Rail Transit in Tel Aviv, Israel

Playing a key role in the design and delivery of an ambitious public transport project.

Tel Aviv
Client: GOI (Government of Israel)
Begin date: 2011

Project overview

The agency NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd is a publicly owned firm established in 1997 to provide solutions to traffic problems in the Tel Aviv conurbation Gush Dan. The Israeli government continues to exercise control over the body.

NTA is responsible for heading up the design of the LRT and BRT network and managing the construction of the public transport system in the Tel Aviv area. These projects are to last approximately ten years overall.

Tel Aviv’s future network of trunk lines will run 215 km and be made up of 3 LRT lines and 5 BRT lines. The LRT system includes 12 km of underground lines. The first line to be built is the Red Line, running 23 km and with 23 stations at grade and 10 stations underground.

Our missions

NTA’s supervisory authorities (the Israeli Finance and Transport ministries) appointed Egis to oversee the work of the public agency in the construction of the network, and to report back to the ministries.

Egis has an advisory role in the projects’ operational and financial planning and organisation, give a technical opinion and approve the tender documentation, and review the operations’ financial and budgetary variances.