Monaco an eco-district reclaimed from the sea

The most ambitious construction project in Europe

To make up for its confined territory, the Principality of Monaco has launched an offshore extension project to create a multipurpose eco-district by 2025 on a 6-hectare terrace situated between l’Anse du Portier and the Grimaldi Forum. Alongside the holder of the concession mainly comprising the Monegasque shareholders and the Bouygues group, Egis is designing all the maritime infrastructure of this large-scale project.

Client: Bouygues Travaux publics
Contractor: SAM L’Anse du Portier
Architect: Denis Valode and Renzo Piano
Construction duration: 2016-2022
landscaper: Michel Desvigne

Project overview

This novel project seeks to give fresh impetus to the urban development dynamic in Monaco and accommodate a fast-growing population. It will bring the surface area reclaimed from the sea in Monaco to more than 40 hectares, equating to 20% of its territory.

Challenges fulfilled

A wide range of parameters had to be addressed in the design of the new district’s marine infrastructure: these include the sea depth, geological issues, the effects of swell and the anticipation of rising water levels

Beyond these purely technical aspects, environmental constraints guided the works sequencing and dictated the overall timeline: the removal of protected species and their transplantation beyond the project perimeter, the monitoring of water turbidity during construction phase, the addition of ecological functions to help marine flora and fauna colonise the structures, etc.

As a new seaboard, this coastal extension must blend in between two natural zones: the Larvotto reserve and the Tombant des Spélugues. Protected species (large mother of pearl bivalve shells, Podisonia meadow, etc) are removed and transplanted outside the perimeter of the project site. The risk of water turbidity will be continuously monitored during construction phase. In a move to preserve biodiversity, the facades of the rip-rap and underwater caissons will be fitted with artificial habitats for the marine fauna and flora.

Responsible supply chain

The construction materials are shipped in by sea from local supply sources (Marseille, Italy) to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

Our missions

Egis was awarded the integrated engineering of the project from the detailed design phase of the marine infrastructure to the approval of contractor designs and works supervision.

During the design study phase, Egis was required to be in constant interface with the many project contributors in order to take all the project’s challenges into consideration at each design phase. Over and above technical aspects, the project’s environmental constraints, of ultimate importance for the Principality, guided and steered the overall design.

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Jean-Pierre Chavet
Project Director projet
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