Offshore wind farms in Brittany

Egis, specialist consultancy solutions

A private client plans to create an offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, off the coast of Saint-Malo and on multiple sites in Brittany.

Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Malo
Date : 2010-2012
Client: Private developer
Funding: Public

Project overview

The project involves the installation site itself, the route of the power line, the corridor used by the connecting cable, the coastal landing site, and the land-based site used for assembling the wind turbines. Egis's goal for this project is risk optimisation and management for the private client.

Our missions

The Egis mission includes the assembly of numerous project files: the impact study, the Natura 2000 impact assessment report, the water legislation dossier and public inquiry report including the application for the right to use the public maritime area (DPM), outside ports.

As specialist consultants offering a comprehensive service, Egis provides a summary of all the specific studies.