Oullins station in Lyon becomes operational

After 4 years of work, the new station at Gare d'Oullins is now operational on the B line of Lyon's metro network.

Rhone Alpes
Date : 2010 - 2014
Duration: 4 years
Client: Systral (Combines Transport Union for the Rhone region and Lyon)

Project overview

This required extending the existing line B of the Lyonnais metro over 1.8 km and passing it under the Rhône River. Funded by SYSTRAL (Combined Transport Union for the Rhone region and Lyon), this extension will connect the community of Oullins, and bring its 26,000 inhabitants closer to Lyon's city centre. Totalling 222 million euros of investment, the intended effect is to reduce urban traffic by 15,500 vehicles making this project essential for ensuring the transformation of the area of Saulaie in Oullins.

Our missions

Egis was appointed prime contractor for this project, and provided the design for the extension to the metro as well as on-site technical and financial monitoring. After 4 years of work, including 7 months digging a 1,300 m tunnel under the Rhône, line B is operating on both sides of the river.

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