Project management of public spaces within the framework of the NPNRU of Cléon

Within the framework of the New National Urban Renewal Program (NNJURP), the Arts and Fleurs-Feugrais districts located in the two communes of Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf and Cléon constitute a major part of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis: one of the 9 districts selected under the New National Urban Renewal Program and one of the 3 districts recognized as being of national interest.

Cléon (Seine-Maritime)
Date : 10/2020 - 10/2030
Client: Rouen Normandie Aménagement, pour le compte de la Ville de Cléon et de la Métropole Rouen Normandie
Landscaper: Atelier Lignes
Floor space: 20 000 m2 of floor space
Paths / lanes: 4 new paths to be created and ​7 lanes to be requalified

Project overview

Creation of a central, mixed and tree-lined neighborhood

Located in the south of the Rouen metropolitan area at the heart of a curve of the Seine, the purpose of this operation over the next 10 to 15 years is to establish the neighborhood as an attractive urban center. The project aims to offer a quality landscape and plant heritage and a functional mix (residential, services, shops), connected to the nearby business sectors and to the major employment centers in the area (Renault factory, Tourville la Rivière shopping center, Intercommunal Hospital Center).

The program's strategic orientations are aimed at:

  • To respond to a challenge of social ties, solidarity and proximity;
  • Assert the garden city character of the neighborhood, with a focus on plant heritage and the dynamics of the edible city and urban agriculture;
  • To reintegrate public facilities into the neighborhood;
  • Restoring the residential attractiveness of the district to eliminate vacancies.
  • To implement an exemplary development from an environmental point of view.

Our missions

A massive requalification of public spaces

This large-scale operation will concern both residential buildings, which will see many dense sectors requalified or rebuilt public facilities through the implementation of new equipment (school, early childhood center, requalification of a sports complex) and the massive requalification of public spaces. It is on this last aspect that our action will focus.

In this context, our Cities activity employees will be required to work on a complete project management assignment, from diagnosis to acceptance of the work, to ensure a demanding project management plan. Because of the many interfaces with the other projects carried out within the framework of the NNJURP and by the city, to carry out environmental and ecodesign studies and to ensure programmatic coherence between public and private spaces alongside a coordinating urban planner.

Local proximity and environmental commitment

Within the framework of this highly competitive procedure, our group has distinguished itself on different points:

  • The proven expertise of the Egis group in urban renewal operations and the numerous references we have on a national scale;
  • The local character of the different members of the group, and the recognition of our ability to manage major operations in the metropolitan area;
  • The mobilization of Cocottes Urbaines (a study, research and development workshop on eco-agriculture, permaculture and bio-intensive crops), to take an ambitious look at the subjects of urban agriculture and transitional urban planning;
  • The mobilization of Elioth by Egis and the Ecoconstruction group, a think thank around the sustainable city of the Cities activity to enrich the design of "outside" manholes and respond to the desire to initiate environmental innovations in this operation.