Providing quality services to free-flow tolling users in Florida

For nearly a year now, Egis has been handling free-flow tolling operations for highways in the Central Florida region (around Orlando).

United States
Client: Central Florida Expressway (CFX)
Start of operation: 2015

Project overview

Central Florida is one of the World’s great tourist regions. Because tolling remains a central focus of road transport policy, the State’s public highway authority, Central Florida Expressway (CFX), wants highway users to receive the high standards of customer service that Americans are used to.

Our missions

Egis is tasked with providing all operational management services for the region’s 500,000 E-Pass users.

This is a tall order, especially given the fierce competition from well-established US businesses in the sector. In order to deal with this challenge, Egis is leveraging all of its recent credentials and expertise obtained in projects in Europe and throughout the World. These range from central information system management to managing electronic tolling systems in a multi-cultural environment.

In practice, Egis’ teams are using various different media and sales channels: the reception areas at the two sales outlets which get 14,000 visits a month, a call centre that processes 5,000 calls a day, processing of postal / electronic mail, website, etc.