Railway lines to transport iron ore in Brazil

A vast project for the world's largest iron mine

The Carajas mining complex, in northern Brazil, is already the world's largest, and the operator is looking to double production in the future. Two major infrastructure projects have been launched for ore transport and processing.

Client: Vale

Project overview

The first project is to double of the existing railway line allowing transport of the iron ore from Carajas to the coast at São Luis. This is a 900 km long, single-track link with alternating directions for the trains. And these are not just any trains, with a length of 3,500 m, 330 wagons and weighing 53,000 tonnes, they are amongst the longest and heaviest in the world.

Planned mining operations for a second deposit discovered 100 km from the current site include a second mining facility project, with extension of a port, construction of a road and building of a new 101 km long railway line to link the new workings to the existing Carajas−São Luis railway.

The aim of this project is doubling of the existing railway line to allow transport of iron ore from Carajas to the coast at São Luis.

Our missions

For doubling of the Carajas−São Luis line, Egis has been supporting Vale for the studies and works, section by section, since 2007.

For the second project, Egis is carrying out all of the studies relevant to construction of the railway line for iron ore transport, including design of tunnels and viaducts on the tack.


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