Rehabilitation of Lycée Melkior in Cayenne

A four-year project on an occupied site

As a result of the many defects found since the opening of the school in 1992, and the added effects of bad weather, the Regional Council of Guyana has decided on the restructuring and rehabilitation of the multi-purpose Melkior-Garré college.

Date : 2012/2016
Duration: 4 years
Contractor: Regional Council of Guyana
Architect: ACAPA

Project overview

This operation, carried out on an occupied site, is composed of three phases of work: interior rehabilitation (carpentry, electricity, painting, etc.) and the improved safety of the boarding areas, interior rehabilitation of the Garré building and overall restructuring of Melkior building.

The new façade will give the institution a more modern image.

This project is part of a sustainable development initiative, including the recovery of ferrous metals and their transport to a recycling centre.

Our missions

Egis provided technical engineering, building cost expertise and supervision of works contracts.