Reinforcing safety of French nuclear facilities

Local Crisis Centres EDF

EDF has committed to undertake the work necessary to increase the level of safety of its nuclear facilities, beyond the standards in force.

Date : December 2012
Duration: 7 years
Client: EDF

Project overview

After the accident in Japan in March 2011, the ASN (the French Nuclear Safety Authority) analysed the level of safety of all French facilities and has issued new requirements to increase «robustness». It requires major operators to undertake work to provide additional safety margins against the risks of earthquakes and floods or the simultaneous loss of the cooling source and power supplies.

The first plant to be equipped with a centre is Flamanville, in the Manche region. Its local crisis centre should be completed before the commissioning of the EPR (European Pressurised Reactor). By 2020, all EDF's French nuclear power plants will have a building of this type.

* Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2011, presented by ASN on 28 June 2012.


Our missions

EDF entrusted the consortium comprising Egis, Enia architects and DCNS (world leader in naval defence and designer of French nuclear submarines) with the design contract and works supervision for the construction of «Local Crisis Centres», new buildings on nuclear reactor sites designed to accommodate all personnel in extreme circumstances.


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