The Rives de la Thur park at Cernay

A four-time winner project

The Rives de la Thur park at Cernay (France) covers an area of 12 hectares alongside the River Thur, at the heart of a residential ZAC (area of special focus for development) that is in the process of construction.

Date : 2004/2008
Duration: 4 years
Client: City of Cernay

Project overview

Egis has designed and overseen construction of four “basket” shaped structures in the park. These are large structures that evoke the temples, kiosks, follies, pagodas and other buildings that used to be features of landscaped parks. The large “baskets”, designed around several themes, are placed vertically on the ground, forming shelters where people, young and old, can congregate.

To the west, the park on the river banks, linking with the Grün park, the sports area and old town are an invitation to stroll and a place for quiet contemplation.

At the centre a vast, open and busy urban “clearing” is used for popular activities. To the east, the Thur gardens provide more intimate and more natural spaces for smaller groups and families. Terraces link the park to the residential ZAC.

Our missions

EPCM for park.


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