Roland Garros airport at Sainte-Marie in Réunion

East Extension to the passenger terminal and temporary facilities

Development is needed at Roland Garros airport to cope with traffic growth projections of 2 to 3.5 million passengers by 2015 and the expected arrival of new-generation large-capacity aircraft.

Sainte-Marie-de La Réunion
Date : 2012-2014
Duration: 3 years
Contractor: SA Aéroport de la Réunion Roland Garros
Architect: DRLW Architecte (lead company) associeted with ENDEMIK Architecte
Construction duration: 16 mois

Project overview

The planned extension to the airport includes investments to raise the upgrade and widen the runways, to extend the aircraft parking stands and passenger terminal facilities and to develop airport services.

The extension to the terminal with the addition of an upper level will accommodate seven new check-in counters, as well as airline offices and desks.



Our missions

Egis provides general engineering, assessment, asbestos removal, site management, financial management, site scheduling, management and coordination, steering of the planning committee, and coordination of fire safety systems.

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