SME/SMI Support Programme 'PME II'

Date : 2009-2013
Client: Delegation of the European Commission

Project overview

Within the framework of the economic liberalisation process and of the progressive integration of Algeria into the free trade area with the European Union, and considering the importance played by SMEs in the structuring of economy, employment and social dynamics, the Algerian Government has launched an ambitious political programme of reforms and has implemented tools to support SMEs/SMIs.

The 'PME II' programme strengthens the systems that support SMEs - regarding both operational aspects (accompaniment of SMEs and of their support structures) and institutional issues (strengthening of the bodies in charge of the implementation of national policies).

The 'PME II' programme aims more particularly at improving the competitiveness of Algerian SMEs so as to enable them to 1) consolidate their position in the national market; 2) develop heir business abroad in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered both by the international agreements (signed or in the process of being signed) and the opening of the market.

Our missions

Egis performs a technical assistance mission for the implementation of the 'PME II' Programme.

The Technical Assistance is in charge of the mobilisation of funding for the Programme (€ 30m) and of the management of a pool of experts (4,400 person-days of short-term expert missions).