Soufflet Malt House, Romania

Continuing its development in Eastern Europe, the Soufflet group, one of the world leaders in the grain agro-industry, started in July 2009 the production at its new malt house located in Buzau, Romania.

After a total investment of 60 million Euros, Soufflet Malt Romania is now able to serve its brewer customers from Romania's largest malt house, with a production capacity of 105,000 tonnes per year.

Date : 2007-2009
Contractor: Malteries Soufflet
Start of operation: 2009

Project overview

Built on a land plot of 8 hectares, the programme comprises a grain storage and receiving/shipping unit (capacity: 58,000 tonnes), a malt production unit (nominal capacity: 350 tonnes per batch) and a wastewater treatment plant (40,000 hectare equivalent).

Our missions

Egis was in charge of the complete project management for the programme.

The local development of the project and the legal 'building permit' missions were carried out by local partners, under the supervision of Egis, so as to ensure regulatory compliance while reaching the technical and economic objectives set by Soufflet.

The supervision of works, subdivided by building trade and subcontracted to local firms, was performed by a dedicated Egis team based on site.


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