Support Program for the Structuring of Civil Society in Cameroon

Date : 2007-2011
Client: Ministry of Economy and Finances

Project overview

This long-term technical assistance programme aims at ensuring the full participation and contribution of non-State stakeholders in the definition, programming, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the national development policies and programmes. More specifically, it aims at building the capacity of civil society in Cameroon, through the development of ifs organisational, institutional and technical capacities and through the improvement of the operating framework of its components.

The expected results of this programme are as follows:

  • Civil society organisations (CSOs) know each other, produce and share strategic information and build networks based on thematic sectors and/or geographical areas in order to consult and to develop strategies and action plans to be implemented.
  • The capacities and skills of CSOs in the field of political analysis and dialogue are sustainably strengthened, and this enables them to play their role as a partner, in consultation and in a professional manner.
  • CSOs consolidate their experiences and skills by developing and efficiently implementing projects that support their structuring.
  • An encouraging legal framework able to promote the institutionalisation of partnerships between CSOs, and between the CSOs and the State or other development partners, is known and applied.

Our missions

Egis uses a team of technical assistants specialising in civil society and in the indirect fund management of EDF programmes.


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