Three combined-cycle gas-turbine power plants for EDF

Cheaper and more efficient, these units are essential tools to respond to varying energy demand.

Egis engineers participated in the design of three combined cycle gas-turbine power plants for EDF CIT (the thermal engineering section of France's electricity utility): at West Burton, in the United Kingdom and at Blénod (Meurthe-et-Moselle, France) and Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhône, France). They were commissioned in 2012.

United Kingdom and France

Project overview

Combining a gas-powered turbine and a steam turbine gives these units far greater energy efficiency (about one-third more) than that of a conventional coal-fired plant, and this with the same quantity of fuel at the start.

The main building is the turbine hall, a large metal construction housing the gas turbine base block and the steam turbine base block. Egis used several 3D design programs for the civil engineering of these facilities: TEKLA® for the drawings for the metal framework, HERCULE® and ROBOT® for calculations.

Our missions

Egis provided the design for the foundations and for structures bearing static and dynamic (rotating machine) loads, built a complete model of the metal framework with the TEKLA software, and produced the drawings, construction details and quantities for the civil engineering, metal framework and roads and utilities.