Towards more efficient management of street-parking in Paris

The consortium comprising Urbis Park Services, Transdev and Egis manage the parking enforcement system in 6 of Paris’ 20 arrondissements, representing more than 43,000 parking spots. This is a first in France!

Date : 2018
Contractor: Ville de Paris

Project overview

In the wake of the new on-street parking regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2018, Paris has opted to outsource its parking enforcement system just like a number of other major European cities.

At the present time, only 10% of Parisian motorists actually pay their parking fines, compared to 85% in other major capitals like Amsterdam, where Egis has been successfully operating a parking enforcement system. The aim is not to penalise motorists but to get them to buy into the new parking regulations in order to gradually change mindsets and get people to pay for parking spontaneously.

Our missions

Egis is in charge of the setting up the IT platform and with handling customer complaints: it has a 30% stake in CSV, a company currently being set up along with Transdev-Urbis Park.

This project is our first French reference and part of an ambitious strategy to develop the French "smart parking" market. Egis wants to develop a pooled IT services platform that will enable different cities to access competitively-priced parking enforcement solutions.