Turkish national transport plan

Date : 2015-2017
Duration: 24,5 months
Client: Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication (MoTMC)
Funding: European Commission and MoTMC

Project overview

Egis’ mission involves providing institutional support to the Turkish Minister for Transport in the development of a national transport plan. It covers all means of transport, freight and passengers. Its objective is to define investments over 3 time periods: short term (2017-2023), medium term (2024-2030) and long term (2031-2036).

It will contribute towards reducing environmental impact, improving accessibility and security, while helping reduce poverty in the country. It also includes supporting measures, particularly relating to the institutional and pricing aspects.

Our missions

Egis is the lead company in the grouping and provides institutional support to the Turkish Ministry of Transport for the implementation of this national transport plan. After the diagnostic of the existing system, a large-scale survey programme will take place including over 300,000 interviews, counting at 300 different sites, and 750 conversations with the major players in the transport sector.

The teams will then create a multi-modal transport model for freight and passengers and design an appropriate comprehensive plan.