Two Stations Mecca and Medina

HHR Haramain High Speed Rail Project

Two stations approximately 450 km apart, terminus of the high speed railway line (LGV) connecting the cities of Mecca and Medina, will be built for 2015.

Arabie Saoudite
Medina and Mecca
Date : 2011-2015
Duration: 25 months
Client: Saudi Binladen Consortium (SBG + Yapi Merkezi)
Contractor: Saudi Railways Organization (SRO)
Architect: Foster + Partners et Buro Happold
Construction duration: 24 months (Medina ) ; 25 months (Mecca)
Start of operation: 2015

Project overview

The project involves the construction of the station in Medina (63,000 m2), and in Mecca (128,000 m2) as well as its related facilities (car parks, helipad, fire
station, mosque, etc., a total area of 400,000 m2 for the Mecca site). Their specific design was entrusted to the architects Foster Partners and Buro Happold.

Special structures have been devised to withstand extreme weather conditions (heat, wind, etc.).

Our missions

Egis is providing project management and reporting (risks, schedule and technical qualities) to the customer SBG (Saudi Binladen Consortium).