Wastewater treatment and recycling plant in West Doha, Qatar

Egis carries out the design review and supervise the construction works of the new extension of the Doha West wastewater treatment and recycling plant.

Date : 2015
Duration: 29 months
Client: Public Works Authority of Qatar (Ashghal)

Project overview

In order to cater to the needs of the increasing population of the city of Doha and protect water resources, the Qatar Public Works Authority, Ashgal, decided to initiate extension works of the wasterwater treatment and recycling plant in West Doha.

In 2011 a first extension was conducted taking the capacity from 135,000 to 175,000 cu m/day and serving an estimated population of 650,000 inhabitants.

This second expansion project is a continuation of the successive extensions to the plant. Its objective is to increase the plant’s treatment capacity to 180,000 cu m/day, dealing with the wastewater of the city of Doha’s 1 million inhabitants.


Our missions

Egis is responsible for carrying out the design review and works supervision of this extension for 29 months. The plant must remain in working order throughout the entire works phase, and operations must cause the least possible interference to the ongoing treatment processes.