Water in the Sahara

Bringing drinking water supply to Tamanrasset, in the great south of Algeria, from a town 750 km away.

The project is to bring drinking water supply to the town of Tamanrasset, in Algeria's great south, from the town of In Salah, located 750 km away. Egis is overseeing the studies and supervising works for six pumping stations between the two towns.

Date : August 2009 – March 2013
Client: Tamanrasset Wilaya
Contractor: Algérienne des Eaux - ADE

Project overview

Transporting of water between these two towns requires construction and fitting out of six pumping stations (including two reservoirs each with a working volume of 2,000 m3, three diesel generators and a fuel depot with capacity for 21 days of independent operation) as well as the associated structures and buildings (valve chambers, workshops, stores, control rooms, production and distribution of electricity, fire protection, etc.). It also requires the construction and fitting out of a metering chamber and the supply of operating plant (vehicles, mechanical plant, leak detection equipment, etc.) as well as work site facilities (base camp, site fencing and security).

Our missions

The EPCM assignment entrusted to Egis covers verification and approval of detailed drawings (civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, automation and hydromechanics equipment) as well as works supervision and technical assistance for one year of operation.

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