Weda Bay Mines, an Economic Engine For Indonesia

Infrastructure under Tight Environmental and geotechnical Constraints

In 2011, the Indonesian government selected the weda bay nickel and cobalt mining project, on the Island of Halmahera, as one of the country’s key drivers for economic acceleration.

Weda Bay
Date : 2011
Contractor: Eramet / PT WBN

Project overview

With a target of 68,000 tonnes of nickel and 3,900 tonnes of cobalt per year, the stakes are high for the French mining group Eramet, which will mine these deposits.

The challenges are heightened given that; the extraction process will need to be done while minimising environmental impact, processing will be carried out in situ to create added value, the region is highly seismic.


Our missions

Egis was given numerous infrastructure: a port for the development of the site and export of beneficiated ore, a platform to accommodate the plant, access roads, site accommodation, with a capacity of up to 8,000 people, sea and river water intakes… 

With its comprehensive range of expertise Egis was able to coordinate all the necessary skills. Egis also called upon its environmental expertise to reduce CO2 emissions and its geotechnical skills in this highly seismic zone.

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