Zanaga Mine

Located 250 km North-West of the Capital, Brazzaville, and 300 km form the Port City of Pointe-Noire, the iron ore resources of Zanaga, Lekoumo region, will be mined before 2018.

Date : Since 2010
Client: MPD Congo S.A

Project overview

With its 400 km of road, pipeline and power lines the Zanaga mine represents an ambitious challenge but the production target is promising: 4 billion tonnes of iron ore over 3 deposits are available for an estimated 30 million tonnes of annual production.
Originally planned via railway, the transportation of ore to the port of Pointe-Noire is now proposed by pipeline, which has meant complete modification of the 2012 pre-feasibility study. 

Requiring diverse expertise the pre- feasibility concerns the mining sites, mining infrastructure, the ore processing plant, a 400 kV EHV line, the rehabilitation of an existing route from Pointe-Noire, a 400 km slurry pipe, and a new deep-water port.

Our missions

The Swiss operator Xstrata has entrusted the pre-feasibility study to Acte, a group wich Egis is a leading.  

Egis is also set to assist Xstrata with the recruitment and training of future employees, so that at the end of the ten years of operation there is a real transfer of skills at the local level. 10,000 jobs should be generated by the construction of the Zanaga project and 3,000 for the operation. A real economic boon for the country.

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