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Egis is the leading partner for airport development and operation worldwide. With its international footprint, Egis brings acknowledged expertise in airport management, quickly adapting to a diverse range of political and cultural contexts.

Through its dedicated airport subsidiary and its concessions, Egis manages 17 airports in 8 countries spread over four continents, with over 27 million passengers, 270,000 tonnes of freight, 1,500 employees and generating revenues of €441 million in 2015.

Egis operates 17 airports spread across Europe, South America, Africa and Oceania : the platforms of Larnaca and Paphos (Cyprus), Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire), Libreville (Gabon), Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo (Congo), Tahiti and its islands (French Polynesia), Campinas (Brazil), Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp (Belgium), Pau-Pyrénées, Brest and Quimper (France).

In the framework of long-term partnerships with relevant authorities, Egis rolls out a strategic development vision for airports, establishing a governance structure with experienced managers and implementing a responsible environmental and social policy. A world leader in consulting and engineering, Egis offers an integrated approach, with multidisciplinary and complementary skills in airside and landside management, operation and development, as well as in sustainable development.



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Our expertise

  • Airport management: risk management, HR management, revenue and cost optimisation to deliver financial results and the pursuit of service quality objectives, drawing on our dynamic airport network to share experience and know-how.
  • Airport operation: efficient operating organisation to meet the needs of stakeholders; management of airport activities ensuring the safety and security of people, goods and aircraft; appropriate maintenance solutions including preventive and corrective maintenance of buildings and equipment; operating guarantee in accordance with international standards; technological intelligence to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions.
  • Airport marketing:  relations with key players in the market for the development of passenger and freight routes, services, retail and state activities, industrial and services zones
  • Airport development: forward planning to meet future renovation and construction needs, infrastructure optimisation, project arrangement and financing to support airport development, protection of land and social, economic and environmental balance - pillars of sustainable development.

Our vision

  • Client-focused operating and development guidelines
  • Ability to adapt to different contexts and cultures
  • Long-term planning policy- based on the airport as a major development driver
  • New technologies combined with the creative talent of our teams to offer ambitious solutions in line with individual project requirements

Our commitments

  • Reliability in the long term: a concession is first and foremost a partnership with the local authorities and the State. It is more than a set of specifications and must create value for all parties over time. The success of this win-win approach has been demonstrated by the renewal of multiple concessions managed by Egis.
  • Professionalism: a team of senior, experienced airport managers, supported by the Egis expert team and drawing on a deep pool of capabilities, together with  a network of high added-value partners. These ambitious professional standards have achieved successful results in challenging environments.
  • Human resources: Egis has a structured change management policy for local teams and fosters skills transfer with an emphasis on career development and upskilling.
  • Shared returns: rigorous, best practice management combining development capacity, return on investment and financial performance, as well as capital expenditure and public-private partnerships to create value for the concession and the country or region.