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Egis is the leading partner for airport development and operation worldwide. With its international footprint, Egis brings acknowledged expertise in airport management, quickly adapting to a diverse range of political and cultural contexts.

Through its dedicated airport subsidiary and its concessions, Egis manages 17 airports in 7 countries spread over four continents, with over 30 million passengers, 330,000 tonnes of freight and 1,500 employees ( €466 million of turnover in 2019).

Egis is involved in the operation of 17 airports in Europe, South America, Africa and Oceania: Larnaca and Paphos (Cyprus), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo (Congo), Tahiti and three other islands (French Polynesia), Campinas (Brazil), Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp (Belgium), Pau-Pyrénées, Bergerac Dordogne Périgord, Brest and Quimper Bretagne (France). This international experience is a unique asset to succeed in various cultural and political contexts and over the long term.

In the framework of long-term partnerships with relevant authorities, Egis rolls out a strategic development vision for airports, establishing a governance structure with experienced managers and implementing a responsible environmental and social policy adapted to each project. Egis offers an integrated approach, with multidisciplinary and complementary skills in airside and landside management, operation and development, as well as in sustainable development.

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Our expertise


  • A dynamic network, providing opportunity to share experiences, know-how and best practices between the airport network of Egis.
  • Strong financial results, revenue development and cost optimisation.
  • Risk management policy, based on best practices and recognized standards.
  • Humans Resources Management,in each airport supported by the experience and know-how of our airport network and of the Egis Group.
  • Quality of service, a common goal that Egis managers share with airport employees and stakeholders.


Privileged relations with key players to develop:

  • Cargo and passenger Routes(Route development )
  • Services, retails, foods and beverage, renting activities
  • Tertiary and industrial zones.


  • An efficient operational organization to meet stakeholder needs: airlines, passengers, accompanying persons, public authorities, occupants of the airport industry....
  • Aeronautical activities management, by raising safety and security requirements to the highest level.
  • Tailor-made maintenance methods, preventative and corrective for equipment and buildings.
  • Assurance of operation in compliance with regulation and international standards.
  • Technology monitoring to develop innovative and latest new generation solutions.


  • Anticipation of needs, in terms of refurbishment of existing infrastructure, of building new terminals or airports: sizing, flow management, technical studies…
  • Land preservation, achieving a balance between social, economic and environmental considerations, foundations of sustainable development.
  • Optimization of infrastructure, investments, operational processes & operational costs.
  • Project structuring and finance, to support airport development.

Our vision

  • Give direction in terms of operation and development, adapted to clients’ expectations
  • Capacity for adaptation to different cultures and contexts
  • Long term policy for planning land use, with airport as a major development driver
  • Alliance of new technologies and creative talent of our teams to offer ambitious and innovative solutions in line with individual project requirements

Our commitments


A concession is above all a partnership with regional authorities and government. Our vision for a concession goes beyond the contract specifications; it’s about long term satisfaction, for the benefit of all parties. The renewal of concessions managed by Egis is evidence of a long-term win-win partnership.


An experienced airport managerial team supported by Egis, combine the best skills from each: generalists, operational staff or experts. Egis selects partners who offer substantial added value. Our high professional standards have led to success in challenging contexts.

Human Resources Development

Through a structured change management policy, Egis facilitates the transfer of skills, the development of know-how and the professional evolution of local teams.

Sharing success

An optimized and rigorous management provides a realistic development, a return on investment, a solid financial performance and the realization of investments, which contribute to the benefit of the concession and the region.