Bridges, underground structures and geotechnical engineering

Bridges, underground structures and geotechnics arean integral part of infrastructure projects and contribute to the dynamics and development of the regions they occupy. They require the most advanced specialists to control the inherent risks.

From geological and geotechnical surveys and requirements, through to design and  engineering procurement and construction for bridges, tunnels and dams Egis offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. We constantly aim to optimise technical, economic and environmental performance.

Egis's operations in France and in many countries around the world guarantees an efficient interface with clients on the ground and a far-reaching understanding of local challenges, with a particular focus on environment.

Sustainable Development Focus

Engineering structures are designed to reduce impact on the natural, physical and human environment ( valley crossings, covered trenches in urban environments...). We adopt an eco-design approach based on solid research, lifecycle analysis and our extensive experience in optimising energy efficiency. This methodology reduces the environmental footprint of structures, while ensuring maximum functionality and suitability.

Geotechnical surveys enable project optimisation in terms of consumption of materials and contribute to one of the profession's major objectives leading up to 2020: recycling or energy recovery from 100% of natural geological materials excavated at sites, without any additional outside input.