Industry and Mining

Egis, an internationally respected player for your industrial projects.

Egis is a major player in the industrial sector. With more than 80 years experience Egis has managed an extensive range of projects: : production plants, industrial buildings and workshops, power plants, nuclear facilities, research laboratories, experimental reactors and more. Supporting your industrial project throughout the full project life cycle whilst, guaranteeing flexibility, performance and profitability: these are our teams' top priorities.

Our experts know that the profitability of industrial investment is determined from the outset of a project. During the planning phase, and the design and implementation phase, we evaluate the most suitable cost, considering the evolution and duration of the project. It's this balance between the most adapted technical choices and those that enable scalability that determines the project's profitability over time.

Covering all industrial activities, our multidisciplinary teams conduct studies for every phase of a facility's life cycle, from design to expertise, including works supervision and comprehensive project management. We incorporate the specific requirements of our customers, those related to regulatory and technological innovations, and those affecting the safety of facilities, to ensure compliance with standards and constant development of our technical skills.

Sustainable Development Focus

Industry must constantly evolve to incorporate numerous variables in particular technological advances, improved performance, environmental concerns, risk management, human safety, development of standards and JIT production.

To meet these challenges, our team offers design choices to optimise needs while respecting the safety and scalability of facilities.

During the design phase, our teams study all the factors related to industrial risks and the environment, as well as risks to the employees involved in the construction and operational phase.