Rail transport

A well-established and dynamic player in the rail sector

Egis’ expertise covers the complete range of rail transport including: conventional or high-speed lines, regional and commuter systems, multi-modal hubs, freight rail, stations, platforms, rail and road sites.

Dating from the introduction of France's first high-speed rail links Egis' skills in the area of large-scale linear infrastructure have allowed the Group to develop its rail engineering activities.

Today Egis is able to provide design and supervision of railroad equipment works (track, catenaries, signalling, telecommunications) for new high-speed lines or for conventional operating lines. Our extensive experience within the French  domestic market gives us a solid basis from which to export our expertise effectively throughout the world and to meet the expectations of international clients.


Guaranteeing a comprehensive service

Egis can pilot and coordinate your project from design studies to acquisition phases, through to implementation.

We commit to guaranteeing compliance with technical and contractual requirements.

Rail engineering certified by France's network owner (mandated project management consultant)

Certified by RFF (the owner of France's rail network) and by SNCF (the network operator), Egis is the only private engineering firm qualified for all technical works. In 2012, RFF gave full approval to Egis as a consultant for design and construction of rail projects: overall coordination, track laying, civil engineering, buildings, electric traction equipment, signalling and telecommunications. Egis is authorised to work on all types of maintenance projects, on both new and operating lines.