Our presence

Egis, an international footprint

In 2018, Egis generated 63% of its revenue outside France. This majority shift has been in progress for several years and applies to all of our Group’s activities. The worldwide market offers considerable potential worth several billion euros, and the need for infrastructure is particularly acute in emerging economies.

With its 15,000 employees, 63% of whom are based outside France, Egis works in countries with varying economic situations and levels of market maturity. Our Group, which offers you a unique global range of services in consulting, engineering, project structuring and operation, is also intent on developing its own local skills in fields as wide and varied as transport, roads, rail, aviation, urban development, buildings, industry, energy, water, environment, and so on.

Established on all continents, Egis continues to consolidate its development in its three geographical poles India, the Middle East and Brazil.

Egis is also committed to maintaining proximity. Our long-established local roots stretching back many years offer you the guarantee of stability, safety, proven cultural and linguistic expertise and an understanding of local issues which are vital to the delivery of a project.