Egis Industries

“Guaranteeing the success of strongly challenging and highly technical projects”

Egis Industries undertakes projects that represent a strong challenge and require high levels of technical skill: innovative projects, processes that are far-reaching or that have strong implications for buildings, protection of the environment, safety and security, limit conditions, aggressive environments, etc.

Founded in 1929 as "Sechaud & Metz", Egis Industries' long experience is focused on structures exposed to exceptional stresses (earthquake, airplane crash, explosion) or requiring special skills (long span, vibration, ground/structure interaction).

The firm's core of excellence was developed in the industrial and nuclear sectors, the latter being an area where Egis Industries has been making a contribution in France since the first atomic pile, Zoé. Combining all this experience with our excellence in management of projects and of costs and deadlines, we undertake missions that extend from expert appraisal to full engineering (architect engineer, EPCM) and from design to dismantling.