An increase in the Group’s managed turnover

The Group’s managed turnover this year reached €1.13 billion. Most of the growth (amounting to 7.6%) can be attributed to our road operation and fixed operating equipment activities and to our building engineering activities.

Group’s managed turnover in €million

Turnover in engineering, unchanged on 2017, amounted to €807 million including 30% in Rail, 25% in Buildings and 18% in Roads (excluding operation).

Turnover in project structuring and operation recorded a strong 29% increase, driven by the historical markets of road and airport operation. In airports, activity was up by 19%, in particular thanks to Antwerp and Ostend airports in Belgium.


Breakdown of our activity (all services)


A solid financial position

Our Distributable Net Profit excluding capital gains increased by €13.7 million in comparison
with 2017, reaching €28.9 million.

Improvement of the Distributable Net Profit excluding capital gains


Business dominated by international activities

International business accounted for 63% of the Group’s total business activity. While business was slower this year in the Middle East due to the drop in oil prices, it nonetheless expanded in Europe, Asia and particularly in Latin America, specifically in Mexico thanks to the win of the Golfo Centro operating concession and the delivery of the highway’s fixed operating equipment.

In engineering, 46% of business was generated in France, the same proportion as in 2017.

Increase in the workforce

14,850 employees around the world (4,300 in France), including nearly 8,500 in engineering. A 9% increase in the workforce.


Engineering News Record

The American magazine “Engineering News Record” published its new 2018 ranking of engineering companies in the world. Egis ranks in 21st place in the Top 225, in 6th position in the Top 10 in the “Transportation” category and 6th in the Top 10 in the Regions category in "Africa".

Egis improved in the ranking for 3 categories:

  • 6th in the "Airports" category (10th last year)
  • 8th in the "Rail" category (12th last year)
  • 3rd in the "Public buildings" category (4th last year), and in the top 25 in the category "Commercial buildings, hospitals and residential complexes". The Group's results in these categories are expected to increase further next year thanks to the contribution of 10DESIGN, the Hong Kong-based architecture firm that joined the Group at the end of 2017.

In addition, Egis ranks 5th in the "Highway" category and 8th in the "Water Treatment" category.

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