In 2017, the Group’s turnover remained level as a whole and our financial results recorded an improvement. The managed turnover amounted to €1.050 billion, is slightly up compared to 2016.

          Managed turnover in € million


Net distributable profit

Net distributable profit amounted to €39.6 million, an improvement of €9.6 million on 2016 (€30 million). In particular, our engineering business improved all of its profit indicators, thanks to efficient operating cost control and lower provision charges.

          Distributable net profit Group share (€ million)


Breakdown of our activity

The year is marked by a unchanged turnover breakdown between Engineering (76% of sales) and Operation and Mobility Services (24%).


Engineering News Record

In the ranking published in 2018 by ENR (Engineering News-Record), the international benchmark guide for engineering, Egis appears in 21st place in the Top 225, in 6th position in the Top 10 in the “Transportation” category, also 6th in the Top 10 in the Regions category in Africa.


Turnover breakdown by geographical zone

Activity outside France accounted for 62% of the group’s total sales. In particular, Egis’s turnover increased in the Middle East.

At the same time, activity in France continued to increase for the second year running, with a rise of nearly 4.1%, in particular in the Rail, Buildings and Aviation markets.



Our workforce