Vocation and values

Imagine a sustainable future, working for populations and social progress: this is our vocation. Together, we are dedicated to meeting the planet’s challenges, supporting transitions and serving the common good to shape the world of tomorrow.


Egis pledges to be a responsible company wherever it operates in the world, through its actions and
commitments and with regard to its stakeholders, by adopting an especially stringent policy of corporate social responsibility.

  • At Egis, being responsible means knowing how to act in order to satisfy our clients.
  • It also means acting on behalf of the planet, its people and their territories.
  • In addition, it means acting for the benefit of all our employees.


Egis strives to show respect for people and their dignity and is committed to becoming more diverse. Egis takes account of each of its employees' aspirations, effectively recognises their contributions, develops their skills and promotes their professional development.

The stake held by executives and employees alike in the company’s share capital reflects a genuine sense of teamwork, in which each person feels engaged, and encourages autonomy as well as individual and group initiative.


Our innovation ecosystem combines the initiatives from our various entities, working in close contact with their markets, with the Group’s growth strategy, guided by our desire to address the major challenges facing our society.

Egis fosters a spirit of innovation in its areas of technical expertise, its methods and its development of new services and new business models. The company values challenges, an entrepreneurial mindset and intellectual and professional mobility and encourages the dissemination of knowledge and experience throughout the Group.