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The uberized future of road operating equipment

Uberization, a neo-euphemism derived from the company name Uber, is a recent development in economics that describes the use of services which allow service providers and clients to interact directly and almost instantaneously with each another via new technology.

By Yves Cohen, Directeur Business Innnovation du domaine Mobilités

EPR Hinkley Point: an exceptional team for an exceptional project

By collectif d'auteurs

The Rouen metropolitan region invents "Smart Mobility for All"

By collectif d'auteurs

For a sustainable, calmer and more attractive city

By Fanny Guyot et Olivier Ledru

Trends and challenges of the post-carbon city

By Giuseppe Peronato

The Montparnasse Tower begins its energy transition

By Laurent Jacquet et Jocelyn Urvoy