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Skycities, skyways, skytaxis: dream or destiny?

In a major new white paper on the infrastructure implications of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), senior experts from across Egis have collaborated on a vision for UAM that takes on board the perspective of passengers and citizens, and the demands UAM will place on urban infrastructure.

By collective authors, Egis

COVID: The Pandemic that changed ‘Greed to Gratitude’!

By Tilak Chowdhury

How Covid fast forwarded the digital transformation

By Bhaskar Majumdar

Urban mobility: ushering in the third mode

By Bernard Matyjasik

Filling the electrification gap in Africa with mini grid projects

By Erwan Huerre

Building the Healthcare system, responsibly

By Bhaskar Majumdar

White paper – the future of aviation in a world of sustainable transport

By William McMaster

A standards-led approach to aviation cybersecurity

By Matt Shreeve

The A63 motorway, global pioneer for autonomous driving

By Richard Lengrand

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