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Putting people at the heart of airport digitalisation

Many of the world’s leading airports are using digital services to improve passenger experience and airport operations, but to avoid costly mistakes they need to place ‘user experience’ front and centre of digitalisation.

By Olivier Guillet, Project and Bid Director in Air Traffic Management and Airport, Egis

Cybersecurity: a crucial issue for industry and transport stakeholders

By Lilian Planche

WANTED: Airspace guardian of the future…

By James Hanson

Can Africa conquer the new frontier – regional travel?

By Olivier Baric

Controlling the environmental impact of projects using observation tools

By collective authors

Virtual reality training module for motorway patrollers

By Richard Lengrand

Lyon’s BRT line C3 innovates along the line!

By Florian Bonet

Digital transformation: Egis shifts up to mode 4.0

By Martine Jauroyon

In Clichy, excavated waste takes the aerial route!

By Thomas Deschamps