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The digital model, a choice medium for collaborative working and technical project reviews

As part of the Marseille light rail system extension project, in which 7km of new transport infrastructure and a maintenance and stabling facility are to be built, Egis has developed new collaborative working and technical project review methods based on the digital model.

By Nicolas Ferrara et Jérémie Huet, groupe Egis

Trends and challenges of the post-carbon city

By Giuseppe Peronato

The Montparnasse Tower begins its energy transition

By Laurent Jacquet et Jocelyn Urvoy

Low carbon campuses

By Zamaneh Khoshdel

Putting people at the heart of airport digitalisation

By Olivier Guillet

Cybersecurity: a crucial issue for industry and transport stakeholders

By Lilian Planche

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By James Hanson

Can Africa conquer the new frontier – regional travel?

By Olivier Baric