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Straw: the ultimate green building solution?

Contrary to received wisdom, straw bales are being increasingly used to insulate wooden buildings due to the many benefits they offer. Clean, in plentiful supply and high-insulation, this local and cost-effective material is the king of energy efficiency. Forget about the story of the Three Little Pigs!

By Yoann Richard and Benjamin Kerzerho, Egis Group

Autonomous vehicles: shuttles on the roads before cars?

By Dominique Hurbin et Michel Dell'ova

Urban cable car transport: taking a higher view on the city of the future!

By Bruno Lapeyrie

Why invest in adapting to climate change?

By Yves Ennesser

Airports: how to successfully conduct improvement works during operational service

By Mathieu Sellier

Social housing: don’t build it, print it!

By Yoann Richard

The road is the future of the autonomous vehicle

By Renaud Beziade et Cédric Pasquier