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Companies at the forefront of climate issues

Limiting global warming to below 2°C is one of the most monumental challenges of our time. No sector will be spared, and the cost of inaction will be higher than the cost of action.

By Martine Jauroyon, Directrice Transformation Métiers et RSE

Europe’s biggest and most innovative strongroom

By Aude Arnoux

Combating solo driving in Lyon

By Cloé Chevron

Mobility: reinforcing public transport authorities against Internet giants

By Christophe Brusset

Is big data the guarantee of better design?

By Félix Pouchain

Straw: the ultimate green building solution?

By Yoann Richard and Benjamin Kerzerho

Urban cable car transport: taking a higher view on the city of the future!

By Bruno Lapeyrie

Why invest in adapting to climate change?

By Yves Ennesser

Airports: how to successfully conduct improvement works during operational service

By Mathieu Sellier