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The road is the future of the autonomous vehicle

Autonomous vehicles carry an optimistic promise of mobility that will finally become more relaxing, sustainable, safe and efficient. But are they a realistic prospect in the medium term? We think not, unless roads provide a decisive boost to the autonomy of vehicles.

By Renaud Beziade et Cédric Pasquier, Groupe Egis

Social housing: don’t build it, print it!

By Yoann Richard

ITER: the fusion of digital models

By Alain Baudry

Inventing and thinking for better building

By Martial Chevreuil

From the BIM bang to digital engineering

By Philippe Duc


Wood, or how to build differently

By Gaëtan Hairault

Large scale 3D-printed artificial reefs to restore coral ecosystems

By Martin Perrot

The street of tomorrow, an interactive space to be shared

By Guillaume Morin