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The A63 motorway, global pioneer for autonomous driving

Between Saugnac-et-Muret and Labouheyre in France, Atlandes, the motorway concessionaire, is preparing a High Level Service Testing Area in Europe for automated and connected vehicles. Egis is preparing to use the data collected.

By Richard Lengrand, Directeur général d'Egis Exploitation Aquitaine

A standards-led approach to aviation cybersecurity

By Matt Shreeve

Covid-19: successfully transforming cities after the crisis

By Bernard Matyjasik

Urban planning visualization with Twinmotion

By William Weltzer

How Virtual Reality secures the dangerous training of the patrollers

By Richard Lengrand

India’s healthcare delivery infrastructure: Challenges and the future roadmap

By Sandeep Gulati

“All-terrain” ecological engineering

By Matthieu Grosjean

Platform screen doors and their wealth of unsuspected benefits

By collective authors

The positives in 2020

By Tilak Chowdhury

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