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White paper: is this the time and place to finally back up GNSS?

The world relies on GNSS for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services that underpin emergency response systems, 4G/5G mobile networks, communication and broadcast systems, transport, high speed trading at the stock exchange and even the energy grid.

By collective authors, Egis

Influencing the Influencer – Advocacy in PR

By Bhaskar Majumdar

Opensource, the future of engineering

By Guillaume Meunier

#WorkfromHome and the new normal

By Bhaskar Majumdar

Online Education, Upskill and Reskill Rising into Prominence

By Bhaskar Majumdar

Employee engagement is key to branding

By Bhaskar Majumdar

Green Riyadh: a green horizon for 2030

By collective authors

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