Rodrigo Berto
Intelligent Transportation System Specialist, Roads & Aviation BU LATAM
Published on June 10, 2021

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How to extract value from the digital data generated in our activities?

More than simply associating with large technology companies, which have their business model based in exploitation of advertisements, processing of large amounts of information collected and often crossing various ethical and moral barriers to achieve their goals, we can adopt proactive attitudes towards our customers and projects that we operate, in order to extract value based on digital data, creating new services and solutions.

value from the digital data

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Use case

An example of value generation practice, through the reuse of data, is the contract we operate in the area of automatic traffic inspection (speeding enforcement, traffic restriction zones, exclusive bus lanes enforcement, etc.) in a municipality in Brazil, where the readings of licenses plates collected by our equipment with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), installed along the roads of the municipality, data are exchanged between the traffic department, our client, and the department of public security. Feeding the public security databases, where the processing and crossing of data is carried out of the readings of license plates captured by traffic inspection equipment and the ongoing investigative processes of public security. This type of integration and reuse of data is a trend in Brazil and is a clear example of data and information that would probably be discarded or even it could be necessary to install more equipment on the roads for the use of public security, generating extra expenses to the municipality.

This simple initiative and example of intelligent reuse of data, shows us that no high tech solution is needed, or sell our soul to big techs companies interested in polluting our mailboxes with advertisements, to extract value from our data. Simple and creative initiatives that we can adopt in our daily activities, helping our clients to extract value from their data by taking our creative values, or even us, from the Egis group, in internal uses between our different activities and projects.


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