Energy transition

Away with high-carbon, dangerous or polluting energy! Make way for clean and safe energy that generates green, sustainable growth. With climate issues high on the agenda, we have to think low consumption. The energy transition is matter for everyone.

Lycée Bréquigny: a replicable, resilient and high-performance renovation model

By collective authors

EPR Hinkley Point: an exceptional team for an exceptional project

By collectif d'auteurs

E+C-, going beyond the regulatory equation to adopt low carbon building

By Hervé Maurer

The Montparnasse Tower begins its energy transition

By Laurent Jacquet et Jocelyn Urvoy

Low carbon campuses

By Zamaneh Khoshdel

Bioclimatic swimming pools to reduce energy bills

By Jérôme Diot

When the 1.5°C trajectory meets the housing crisis

By Sawsane Baraka et Ludovic Bordais

Lycée Colbert in Lorient: successfully energy retrofitting a building in use

By Yoann Richard

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