Protecting the environment, resources and biodiversity means safeguarding the future of humanity and its very survival. From the eco-design of structures to innovative biomimetics, engineering is in a prime position to strike a fair balance between Man and Mother Nature.

Risk-e: the flood risk hypervisor for the resilient city

By Jonathan Cantarel

“All-terrain” ecological engineering

By Matthieu Grosjean

Smart Carbon Soils: preserving and enhancing your soil carbon capital

By Sofyan Martin

Wastewater treatment for the benefit of the population, the city and the environment

By collective authors

Landboost to the rescue of urban biodiversity

By Hippolyte Pouchelle

Controlling the environmental impact of projects using observation tools

By collective authors

In Clichy, excavated waste takes the aerial route!

By Thomas Deschamps

A28, a motorway helping out nature

By Dorothée Labarraque

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