Martin Perrot
Directeur des opérations, Seaboost
Published on March 27, 2018

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Large scale 3D-printed artificial reefs to restore coral ecosystems

World’s first concrete 3D-printed artificial reef has been immersed in the Calanques National Park (France) to restore lost ecological functions.

Seaboost (Egis Group) and XtreeE have combined their skills in marine biology and large-scale 3D printing to design, manufacture and immerse one of the most innovative artificial reefs ever built.

The 3D-printing technology developed by XtreeE has allowed creating a biomimetic, porous and very complex design miming one of the richest habitats of the Mediterranean Sea and also the most complicated to build: the Coralligenous.


This deep and biogenic hard substrate ecosystem takes hundreds of years to form. Its high structural complexity is known to shelter thousands of species including fish, crustacean, coral, algae, molluscs, etc.

In a global context of degradation of the marine environment, concrete 3D-printing technology offers limitless perspectives for future ecological engineering and restoration projects from the Mediterranean sea to the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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