Martine Jauroyon
Directrice Transformation Métiers et RSE
Published on July 10, 2020

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Bouncing back – but not just any old how!

Monday 16 March 2020, 8pm: while we thought we were invulnerable, suddenly our world is turned on its head. This pandemic is a revelation. A revelation of the fragilities and limits of our societies, a revelation of social and territorial inequalities, but also a revelation of our ability to adapt, a new solidarity and an incredible ingenuity to cope with urgent matters. The lockdown made us aware of the importance of social ties in our lives and invited us to take stock of what really matters. Talk about a global electric shock.

Today and tomorrow

The urgent challenge is about kick starting the economic machine while factoring in the new public health situation. This entails very concrete issues such as, for example, inventing new forms of mobility, including the principle of social distancing or the regulation of flows in public spaces. At the same time, we need to learn the lessons of the crisis and set the course for the world on the other side. For us, as engineers in the construction sector (buildings and transport infrastructure), this is both exhilarating and demanding. The restart of construction sites, when they have been interrupted, is accelerating and we are working towards the gradual resumption of our consulting and design activities on our sites or project platforms. Everywhere, we maintain and develop close relationships with our customers, so as to:

  • offer them, in a short space of time, pragmatic and robust solutions to deal with the most urgent matters,
  • whilst involving them in our foresight activities relating to more structural changes in the field of regional planning.

We were already very committed in the fight against global warming. This crisis has prompted us to accelerate certain transformations by drawing on the creative energy of our employees that we federate though out worldwide exchange platform "Rebondir" (Bounce back), launched symbolically on the first day of the lockdown exit in France.

An opportunity to be seized

Who still thinks we can go back how things used to be, to business as usual? The link between the public health crisis we are going through and the environmental crisis has been scientifically proven. What lies ahead in several decades’ time will be even more devastating. Let's seize the opportunity of the massive investments that will be made as part of the economic stimulus to channel them towards operations that are resolutely in line with the universal sustainable development goals (SDGs): energy efficient renovation of buildings, development of carbon-free mobility, changes in the energy mix, preservation of biodiversity, circular economy, the development of short retail supply lines, etc. In short, let's finally square the circle of economy and ecology! In this new equation, the issues of resilience and sustainability will become fundamental at all levels. Long-term and systemic approaches will have to be the watchwords.

Be bold!

The challenge is sizeable, the transformations to be made are weighty, and the pressure of short-term economic imperatives is always strong. This is going to require that we be bold: we must be daring enough to explore every path that can lead to a world that is more resilient, more inclusive and more sustainable, centred on the well-being of populations and protection of the natural environment.

Egis has asked its experts and specialists to draw up concrete proposals rooted in innovative but proven solutions, and has leveraged its technical excellence and high innovation capabilities to make its contribution to the collective effort aiming to reinvent the world around us.

We have formulated our ideas in the form of 21 proposals which address all the sectors of activity in which we operate.

> Read our 21 proposals

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