Yana Santos
Contract and project Management, Latin America BU
Published on July 01, 2020

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How do diversity and plurality influence Egis’ experience around the world?

Every company is different and every costumer is unique. Every employee of an organization has their own uniqueness and mission to contribute to the world. There can be so many difficulties and the adversities can influence our decisions, but being prepared for that makes all the difference. Sharing knowledge, culture and lessons learned nourish the plurality of a company and makes diversity reflect on the services that it offers, people’s dynamics involvement and in a more organic and natural collaboration.


- Crédits : Emilie Lanuza - Egis

The balance of having people from diverse cultures, characteristics and with various knowledge, offer to add value to the structure of a company. Egis has this humane advantage of joining of collaborator’s diversity and is able to expand that desire to various others jobs around the world.
The greatness of the meaning of diversity for international companies such as Egis is favorable in the cultural, professional and personal fields. Being able to have plurality with diversity is like building two-way roads with safety and respect. It involves everyone, respecting their origins, their way of thinking and especially their way of working.
However, this combination of cultural efforts must be carried out for the use of the common good. The plurality of people favors companies in order to diversify their actions, thoughts and solutions, making them understand that the world is large and that we are not alone on this journey. We need to join forces to make it happen.
Each persons’ mission is to make a difference and collaborate for a better world. However, this diversity influences all segments of life, such as mobility, the form of sustainability adopted by each of us, care for the environment, the use of resources and the technology that is entering our lives.

The priority for understanding the necessity makes us view diversity in a more cautious way, being able to realize the importance of the differences nowadays. Working with diversity is knowing that open minded and conscious companies can make the world happen not just in my own way and neither your way, but the everybody’s way. In the way that attends the broader and fairer needs of a population. Companies like Egis do not only bring ready made formulas but allow every professional involved be able to express, to contribute, to act through knowledge for a humane and collaborative world.

When it comes to diversity, the aim is to encompass everything and everyone. Allowing Egis’ professionals to contribute their regional, global or local knowledge to meet the diversity of our daily lives, for example, disabled people who are limited on their journeys, the elderly couple who cross the street more slowly, the child who walks with his parents on the sidewalks, the fans who go to stadiums to watch their games, cyclists who want to move safely in their lanes, drivers on safe route to their destinations, and so on.
We know that some project’ solutions are brought by costumers in the midst of global trends, political involvement or superficial favoritism, but they can often not be sufficient and attractive to major diversity or culture. The challenge for professionals from multicultural companies is to propose something egalitarian, something that prioritizes reality and always values life.
Bringing solutions from around the world can be interesting for a city. It is not import whether they come from Asia or Europe but how we can use then in America or Middle East to aggregate and solve problems. Solutions can be formulated in Africa but can be carried by the four winds like the one relevant option for anywhere in the world.
At the same time these people’s plurality contribute to globalized companies like Egis, It is necessary to offer autonomy, stimulus and incentive to collaborators for them to be able to increase experience of empathy focused on diversity in general. Let us be responsible for the future of the world. Let us be aware of our professional and humane power in the transformation and evolution of an ever better world.

The challenge of these and the following generations is to understand and to assume the need to project to the collective, something that justifies our real existence. So, we can think of the following question: What can I do to change the world as a professional?


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Tilak Chowdhury

Congratulations Yana. Beautifully written