Tilak Chowdhury
Communication DGM, India BU
Published on July 19, 2021

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Why I feel that the Egis Foundation is an outstanding Idea!

I always feel that any Foundation created for service to the society is the conscience of the Company. It’s a moral compass that guides the Company and gives it a heart. The Egis Foundation is created with a similar purpose – to pledge our support towards climate protection and sustainable development.

Fondation Egis

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The Moral Compass:

A lot of people believe that progress and conservation are inversely proportional. However, as a Group, Egis always believes that it is not so. In fact, our values talk about sustainability in the heart of everything we do. Sustainable development is one of the key differentiators for brand Egis in the market place. And, the commitment of the Company to refocus on the theme of climate conservation through the Foundation is an assurance that as a Company and Group we are committed towards the environment. It is a guiding star for both internal and external stakeholders on the stance of the Group when it comes to climate protection and sustainable development.

Focused approach to do good:

When it is business as usual, there are lots of other deliverables for the business and climate conservation is just a part of it. When a Foundation is created with the sole objective to save the environment, it has the will, the resources and the single minded devotion towards serving the cause.     

A huge source of employee engagement:

 A few years back, I saw one of the leading consulting companies start a building a smarter planet campaign. It must have made the internal and external stakeholders feel so good. So much so, that the market capitalization of the company went up by almost 60 percent and touched 50 billion dollars.

I see a similar potential in the Foundation and its work. It can help us all go back home and tell our children and grandchildren that we are not just developing a smarter planet through our regular work, but we are actually saving the planet with our committed and focused initiatives.       

I am sure a lot of us will feel a lot better about the work we do and the projects that we are part of through our job positions in creating a better world, a world where sustainability is at the center. 

Many of us will be tempted to share these initiatives with our networks - both online and offline -  and talk about the tremendous work that we are undertaking through the foundation.

It will sure help us see ourselves as employees in a different light and help us connect more emotionally with the company.

Good will that can translate into tremendously positive employer branding:

Employer branding and employee value proposition are buzzwords in today’s corporate world. Gone are the days when people wanted to work for companies for money alone. Today, they want to work for companies which are good corporate citizens, companies with a conscience. Companies that give the employees a sense of belonging in the bigger world. Companies that help the employees see themselves as part of a bigger community that is actively contributing to creating a better world.

The Foundation, with its single minded focus on climate protection and sustainable development, will help us generate positive word of mouth and stories that could help us strengthen our position as a company with a conscience. This will help us attract the people who are interested in not just engineering, but also want to be associated with a company that cares. A Company that consciously and proactively invests towards creating a better world.    


I feel really proud that the Group is refocusing on the Foundation with the objective of climate protection and sustainable development. The skills we have as and engineering company, coupled with the intention to do good with the Foundation, I think we can really make a positive difference in the world and fulfil our commitment towards sustainable development and I am confident that every employee in the company will be jubilant to be part of this initiative.  

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