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Ingénieur Voie ferrée senior, Egis
Published on November 19, 2018

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Tram track asset management: guaranteeing long-term service quality

One significant challenge faced by infrastructure owners is the management of their assets. As networks both expand and begin to show the effects of ageing, basic monitoring methods tend to fall short of requirements. We have developed an innovative asset management programme for our clients, specifically dedicated to tram lines.

Tramway de Montpellier

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Asset management encompasses the full array of activities relating to how the condition of infrastructure is conserved: from works scheduling and maintenance processes to the upgrading and replacement of infrastructure. Drawing on the contribution of database management systems. asset management helps public transport authorities to guarantee continuous service quality and plan major maintenance operations on their network for the years, and even decades, to come.

A diagnostic tool tailored to needs

With 65 km of track, 86 stations and 275 switches, Montpellier’s tram network is one of the most extensive and interconnected in France. In 2017, we conducted a diagnosis of this network’s assets, comprising both infrastructure and rolling stock. To do so, we decided to develop a tool, MAP Rail, which would not only facilitate surveying work on the ground but also automate data processing.

Using the mobile devices which already contain exhaustive information on assets, the measurements and observations made by the engineer on the ground are geopositioned and immediately fed into the system without any risk of error. Each record is processed automatically, factoring in its gravity and its weighting. For example, the same defect could be weighted according to two visions: short-term and long-term.

More recently, a technical and financial proposal was submitted to the Nantes city transport authority SEMITAN in view of deploying the same tool on the iconic Nantes network.

Closely-monitored assets

Our offer is original insofar that the solution combines two interfaces: the mobile tablet to record data and survey conditions on the ground, and the program to process the raw data.

This gives the authority a straightforward overview of objective and specific indicators formulated in accordance with its own orientations, based on measurements taken either through regular audits or during the operator’s continuous monitoring operations.

But In addition to this instant snapshot of the condition of its network, the authority can also investigate a wide range of priority scenarios for work scheduling, and plan ahead for how its assets are due to evolve over a long period and the resulting costs (change of service offer, budget restrictions or priority sectors).

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Arthur Berger

Can you inform about the technical solutions re the power systems on tram, metro, reilways tracks in your projects? I´m telling about use of DC current only? I will be glad to hear from you and I look forward to your comments. Arthur Berger