Regional Manager, Balkans - Russia - Central Asia (Customer Excellence module)

How has the course at Egis Campus allowed you to progress in your position?

Being with participants who share the same responsibilities and the same challenges makes discussions more rewarding. The course is tailored to our needs, while encouraging us to gain perspective on how to best fulfil a commercial development role. This may seem paradoxical, but having the keys to understanding our environment and future changes helps overcome the short-term uncertainties of everyday life and better identify our role in the overall Group vision. The time lapse between training sessions helps to assimilate what we have learned, and to go further in terms of appropriation and implementation.

What does Egis Campus bring to the group?

For me, Egis Campus is the practical demonstration of the Group's investment in the potential of its employees. It is a token of appreciation

Two adjectives to characterise Egis Campus?

Effective and sustainable.