Your career

Learn & Share

Upon arrival you will be given the opportunity to learn about our business activities, our organisation and our strategy by participating in an introductory seminar. Four times a year this seminar offers all new employees the opportunity to meet and interact with key stakeholders at Egis (Leaders, Experts, etc.).

You can also participate, throughout the year in one of our themed conferences. They bring together stakeholders from all our business lines to present flagship projects, innovations, etc.

You also have the opportunity to join one of our professional communities and share your expertise with the group.


Egis is a company on the move. As such, we offer our employees the opportunity to be well trained. Our training programs are in line with the strategic challenges facing the company. Each year, we invest nearly 60,000 hours in training our employees.

To make rapid progress in the group, we make available  a range of training programs: management, sales, project management, expertise, etc.

To best equip our teams for  the challenges linked to  international projects we put in place individual programs  for our employees such as: intercultural seminars and language courses.

Egis has also created an in-house university: Egis Campus.

Egis Campus is a place of openness to the world, creativity and cohesion. The Campus welcomes you at key moments in your professional development, and offers high-level courses in strategic areas of the business.

Egis Campus backs your talent! 


By joining Egis, you enable yourself to control your own development. Helping employees to develop and progress is a challenge that our HR teams and managers fulfil daily.

Each year hundreds of employees move and change jobs within Egis and the Caisse des Dépôts Group, in France and abroad.

This is why our managers and HR managers make sure that all our employees benefit from individual HR support.

Creating conditions for success, enhancing people's experience and preparing their return following an expatriation, are all key challenges. That is why the management of international careers is incorporated into a comprehensive human resources policy, which is designed to be dynamic, flexible, and tailored to market practices. 

Discover how our business activities will allow you to build your career at Egis.