Eco-comparators: Designing roads that are energy-efficient and carbon-efficient

Egis has developed three eco-comparators to assist with decision-making, intended to assist clients in choosing road solutions. The comparisons relate to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

These eco-comparators, which are decision-making tools for project managers and which provide design support for engineering specialists, allow users to compare solutions and make choices for all infrastructure projects taking greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption into consideration. They can be used both in France and internationally.

Variways: enables comparisons and choosing the alignment for a new project. It proposes alternate routes in order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption brought about by road traffic. The calculations factor in the operation of infrastructures as a whole throughout the lifespan of the project. The tool measures the impact of a change in or a reduction in the speed of traffic. For each of the variants, the GHG impacts are expressed in monetary terms.

Masster (Earthworks Assistance Module): makes it possible to optimise earthworks projects. Greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption are assessed in terms of the phases involving fabrication, the transport of binding agents, and the extraction, transport, and the use of materials. The tool makes it possible to assess the impact of the earthworks strategy adopted and to compare several worksite scenarios.

ImpRoad: makes it possible to compare various road structures. The comparison is based on calculating four indicators: energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, the consumption of natural granulates, and the reuse of asphalt aggregates.