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With CyberSecure by Egis, we are the market leader in the provision of cybersecurity services for railway operators and projects. We protect the availability and business continuity of our partner's assets, while enhancing the safety of operations.

Protecting essential operations.

The transportation industry is undergoing digital transformation in both its operational technology (OT) and its information technology (IT) spheres. In parallel, operators and asset owners are seeing a significant increase in the frequency of cyberattacks. Globally, rail infrastructure is estimated to be hit with a cyberattack once every 30 days.

To strategize, organize and implement protection from cyber threats and respond to any attacks, we  offer our clients a tailored service range, based on our deep understanding of the unique operational considerations in rail, roads and airports.

We offer consultancy services and managed services to urban and rail networks, complex roads and tunnel operators and to airports and air traffic providers helping them deliver safe, secure, reliable and continuous transport services.

Our key areas of expertise.
  • Cybersecurity strategy management
  • Risk & Vulnerability assessments
  • Cyber training
  • Complete Cybersecurity integrator for transportation assets in operation
  • Threat detection & hunting
  • Incident response & management
  • Cyber regulation compliance and planning
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Our sector leaders.
Illy Toiber
Illy ToiberChief Business Officer
Thomas ThouvenotChief Executive Officer
Andy Boff (1)
Andy BoffChief Technology Officer