Air traffic outlook at the Rencontres des Aéroports français


Egis participated in the Rencontres des Aéroports Français & Francophones from 15 to 18 May 2019 in Biarritz organised by the Union des Aéroports Français & Francophones Associés (UAF & FA). Gwenvael Ronsin-Hardy, Director, traffic forecast & routes development in the Aviation BU, participated in a conference panel on air route development. Gwenvael gave an update on the state and prospects of the market, in particular on long-haul traffic figures.

Ilham Marichal, head of the airport terminals department at Abidjan airport (in which Egis is a shareholder and operating partner), shed particular light on the issue of handling large baggage.

The event offered a successful platform consolidating our commercial and operational contacts; for networking with stakeholders of French speaking airports; and for taking stock of regulatory progress and of the challenges facing the airport sector for the coming years (relations with communities near airports, noise pollution, big and open-data, drone risks and cybersecurity). President Emmanuel Macron, visiting Biarritz for the G7 preparations this Summer, made a surprise visit to the UAF & FA meetings.